1. Be A UAA Change Maker!     

The UAA Change Makers is an annual philanthropic giving club of Urban Advocates and Achievers. As a future member of the UAA Change Makers, you will become an active supporter of students across the Sacramento region year-round. Ready to join the larger UAA community? 


Click here to learn more about giving level benefits!   

Contact Us and get started! 

2. Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities

  • UAA is accepting to support our events or directly sponsoring students and families in our programs. Please “Contact Us”


  • UAA is accepting to help our communities and support the UAA Mission. Please “Contact Us”.

Our Current Partners

3. You Can’t Buy Time but You Can Give it. –

Volunteer for UAA Today!

  • Gain work experience and providing essential services to communities.


  • Opportunities to train and develop skills in leadership, mentorship and how to help students and families achieve.


  • Volunteers provide support and help at various UAA Workshops and fundraising events.

Contact Us and Volunteer Today!

4. YOU have the Power to Create Change! –

Donate Today!

UAA is a non-profit organization that is funded primarily through corporate and private contributions and grants.  Your contribution today will help:  

  • Students Receive an equitable education,


  • Students become proficient in Reading, Math, Writing and core subjects.


  • Students stay on track to graduate high with opportunities to attend college and/or career technical, or trade school.


  • Students receive skills in self-development, critical thinking, financial literacy and healthy minds and bodies.

Here are the ways you can donate:

  1. Online by pressing the “DONATE” botton

  2. Call UAA by telephone at: (916) 644-2994

  3. In-Person or by mail at: 3301 C Street, Suite #1000, Sacramento, Ca 95816

Provide students and families with a holistic and personalized approach that empowers and uplifts both the student and their family in their pursuit of academic achievement, excellence, educational equity, and economic sustainability for improved quality of life.

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Telephone: (916) 644-2994

Fax: (916) 226-1820


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